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Birefingence measurement instrument OEM-LIN

OEM-LIN with test foil
OEM-LIN with test foil

Birefringence measurement instrument on double-synchronous linear moving unit for foil production

Optimal instrument for rapid control of optical quality of

  • Plastic foils,
  • Plastic sheets,
  • Injection moulded parts or
  • Glass products

This measurement instrument is an example for customer specific development was specially designed corresponding to the customer demands. Special requirements are the cleanroom specifications, the accuracy for a measurement range up to 30nm and the absolut necessary synchronity between the linear units of sender and receiver, the length and speed of the movement and the seamless integration in the process control system and SAP system via SQL with batch specific settings and detailed transfer of collected measurement data, statistical analysis and batch specific validation.

The synchronicity of the linear movement was realized with electronically coupled linear servo drives. The communication within the instrument is based on USB2.0 on the side for the measurement on a distance of 30m and the commincation on the automation side is based on CANopen. The communication with the PCS- and SAP-system is based on TCP/IP with ethernet and routers. The measurement data are stored locally and also on a central database via SQL.


  • High accuracy
  • Rapid measurement
  • Simultan measurement of all parameters
  • Automatic function
  • Automatic self calibration and diagnositic
  • Clean room conform realisation with exhaust on the linear moving units
  • Integration in company network
  • Adaptable on indivual requirements


Technical data

  • Measurement value: Absolue value of birefringence (double refraction) [nm]
  • Light source: Semiconductor laser or HeNe laser with linear polarization - 0,5 ... 2mW
  • Measurment range: 1...Lambda/2 (with HeNe-Laser 1...316nm)
  • Accuracy: ±1nm (in the range 1...30nm)
  • Sample rate: 10.000kHz - 24 hours - 7 days a week
  • Measurement objects: transparent foils or sheets with smooth surface and less absorption (< 30%)
  • Linear movement: 2.300mm
  • Linear speed: up to 1.400mm/s
  • Temperature range 20°C ±3°C
Doppelbrechungsmessgerät OEM-LINBirefringence tester OEM-LIN

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