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Tank for intermediate storage of cleaning liquids

buffer tank
buffer tank

The new buffer tank, type MI-REC2-60xxx, supports together with the programmable cleaning machines from Miele, type IR6002 or PG8528 an economic and environmentally sound cleaning process.

The tank is used for intermediate storage of reusable cleaning liquids.

The optional components, as the integrable oil-separator and filter supports a long life time of the cleaning liquids and an environmetally sound disposal. On request the buffer tank is available with heater, isolation, filters and different oil-separators.

The concept of this cleaning system can be used in different industrial sectors, like automotive, aviation, aerospace, vacuum technology, medicine technology, coating technology and many more.


  • Tank
    compact construction, floor mounted with cover, stainless steel cladding and electronic cabinett
    volume of 80 litres (overflow at 87 litres)
    isolation on three sides
    material: stainless steel 1.4301
    weight: approx. 40kg
  • Heater
    screw in heater
    material: stainless steel 1.4529
    power: 3kW
    temperature range: 0°...+65°C,
  • Electronic cabinett
    with main switch, signal lights and temperature display
  • Oil-separator
    Corresponding to application belt or band skimmer, surface extraction or other
Puffertank MI-REC2Buffertank MI-REC2

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