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Professional cleaning equipment

Many production processes require cleaning of a large variety of parts like PCBs, soldering frames, stencils, metall parts, tools, technical glasses, optical glasses, magazines and many more thins which has to be cleaned and dryed.

ISEDD offers professional solution for this tasks. Beside the standard equipment of our partners, e.g. Miele, we develop and manufacture equipment for special tasks. If possible we adapt standard equipment to fullfil the defined cleaning requirements. If necessary we develop also complete new cleaning processes and equipment.

The requirements are defined by the customers or in cooperation with us and the realization is part of ISEDD. Starting with intermediate cleaning (e.g. soldering frames) or surfaces ready for coating (e.g. eye glasses, glass masters of optical data storage, glass substrates, cutting tools or other) we also realize particle decontamination with clean room conditions (e.g. stampers for optical data storage or transport boxes or chiptrays).


ReinigungstechnikCleaning Technology

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